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Our Children

Be Brave Bears is a charitable organisation run by volunteers who send personalised keepsake bears to children who are terminally ill or have life limiting conditions. Each of our bears is sponsored by businesses, groups or families, meaning these bears are free of charge to the children. Once complete each bear is placed in a special keepsake bag and given to the child complete with a numbered certificate. Once the child has received their bear the sponsor will receive a thank you photograph via e-mail of the completed bear and a sponsorship certificate with the name of the child who you have sponsored. Each bear is allocated a number and will appear on our Roll of Honour. If the child on this page has already been sponsored, but due to the timing of the previous sponsorship it has not yet been removed from this area, your sponsorship will be automatically allocated to the child next on the list (Priority order). This seldom happens but we must highlight that it can occur.

Evan james

Age 2

Hospital: RVI Newcastle

Note: Bear pictured may not be the bear given to the child (most of the time it is though)

Evan james’s Medical condition...

Evan has phryngo/broncho and laryngomalacia he also has a right hemi diaphram a muscle wasting disease (we are waiting on muscle biopsy results ) he also has rotational bowel syndrome evan only spends 6 weeks at a timw out of hospital because of his meeds and gets unwell alot

A bit about Evan james...

Evan is a cheeky outgoing charactor he dose not speak but uses some sign to comminicate he likes climbing and playing with his big sister who he totaly loves and admires

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