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Our Children

Be Brave Bears is a charitable organisation run by volunteers who send personalised keepsake bears to children who are terminally ill or have life limiting conditions. Each of our bears is sponsored by businesses, groups or families, meaning these bears are free of charge to the children. Once complete each bear is placed in a special keepsake bag and given to the child complete with a numbered certificate. Once the child has received their bear the sponsor will receive a thank you photograph via e-mail of the completed bear and a sponsorship certificate with the name of the child who you have sponsored. Each bear is allocated a number and will appear on our Roll of Honour. If the child on this page has already been sponsored, but due to the timing of the previous sponsorship it has not yet been removed from this area, your sponsorship will be automatically allocated to the child next on the list (Priority order). This seldom happens but we must highlight that it can occur.

Max Hall

Age 7

Hospital: Yorkshire

Note: Bear pictured may not be the bear given to the child (most of the time it is though)

Max Hall’s Medical condition...

Max lives in a small market town close to lots of fields and woods; he loves been taken for walks in his old-fashioned buggy and is starting to take an interest in his surroundings more and more. He howls and howls with laughter when the wind and the rain blows and holds his head up into it to feel it. Max was making wonderful progress in most areas of his development until Epilepsy struck in Nov 2017, a seizure that almost cost him his life. Now the seizures and the side effects of his epilepsy medication affect his daily life. Where he was starting to take supportive steps, and at times even walking around the garden with Dad, he has now lost a lot of his strength and it seems to cause him great discomfort. He undergoes daily physiotherapy to try and rebuild his strength and keep his muscles supple but this can and does cause him great distress. His hand and eye coordination have suffered, which he had made huge progress with after months and months of encouragement and stimulation, as after each seizure he is almost back to square one, and the side effects of one of his medications also make this worse as it causes him to have tremors in his hands (and legs), so Max struggles and is unable to understand why he can't do something he used to be able to, this causes upset and anger. His medications also cause him substantial ear discomfort and extreme tiredness, it affects his appetite and causes him to get angry without any real reason to be.

A bit about Max Hall...

Max loves being sung to, he is a traditionalist and likes all the old-fashioned nursery rhymes, with The Grand Old Duke of York being a firm favourite, closely followed by Twinkle, Twinkle. Singing to him helps calm him and always brings a beautiful smile to his face. He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Peppa Pig and the first thing he does in a morning is go straight to his bookcase for a Peppa book, hops over to Mummy or Daddy with it for them to read it to him...and then he will go and get another one, another one, another one...! We are so incredibly proud of Max. He has progressed and developed so much and it is heartbreaking to watch him suffer as he does - he was already a vulnerable little man before epilepsy and now, having to watch as he has potentially life-threatening seizures and feeling so helpless is soul destroying... but he soldiers on each time, and is quite simply, Mummy's amazing Little Trooper.

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