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Our Children

Be Brave Bears is a charitable organisation run by volunteers who send personalised keepsake bears to children who are terminally ill or have life limiting conditions. Each of our bears is sponsored by businesses, groups or families, meaning these bears are free of charge to the children. Once complete each bear is placed in a special keepsake bag and given to the child complete with a numbered certificate. Once the child has received their bear the sponsor will receive a thank you photograph via e-mail of the completed bear and a sponsorship certificate with the name of the child who you have sponsored. Each bear is allocated a number and will appear on our Roll of Honour. If the child on this page has already been sponsored, but due to the timing of the previous sponsorship it has not yet been removed from this area, your sponsorship will be automatically allocated to the child next on the list (Priority order). This seldom happens but we must highlight that it can occur.

Max Hall

Age 7

Hospital: Yorkshire

Note: Bear pictured may not be the bear given to the child (most of the time it is though)

Max Hall’s Medical condition...

Max is unable to walk, has low muscle tone and hypermobility. Though aged 7 he is only 12mths developmentally. He is non verbal, doubly incontinent and has swallowing difficulties. He has a very rare, as yet undiagnosed, genetic condition. He also has epilepsy. The epilepsy is not yet under good control and he needs an ambulance each time as he has had several life threatening seizures. He has lost a lot of his strength with the seizures and his already very poor mobility is suffering more and some days he can hardly pull himself up at the sofa. He is also suffering badly with reflux, brought on by his seizures which are making his swallowing difficulties worse. On top of this, the medications have side effects including extreme tiredness, anger, ear pain and ringing of the ears and tremors in his limbs.

A bit about Max Hall...

Max lives in a small rural village surrounded by fields and woods! .Max has started to take supported steps (he will no longer do this since epilepsy started last year, it seems to cause him great discomfort). Maxhas the most beautiful smile and amazing laugh...he can howl and howl with laughter, and we don't always know just what he is finding so funny! He loves being outside and loves the wind and howls with laughter when it blows him. He loves being sung too, nursery rhymes and jingles. He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Peppa Pig! He would watch it all day every day if he could. He will only look at his Peppa Pig books and brings them to us to read to him over and over. He has the Peppa Pig soft toys and has recently learned to push, for the ones that talk, the tummy, and now does it over and over and over! He loves yoghurts and choc buttons but eats all his vegetables without complaining :) Despite all his health issues he can be a very happy little trooper.

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